January 09, 2012

Less Strain with Exercise

By Austin Thomas

The capillary tendons are the part of your eye that is often hard at work. Watching your computer screen, reading small fonts, or even looking in the mirror first thing in the morning will put a typical tension on your eyes. The more your eyes are strained the bigger the capillary muscles will start to get beat and decrease, finally they are going to lose their capability. But there are 1 or 2 easy to implement exercises that may improve your vision and strengthen your eyes.

The Dot Exercise

For this exercise, make a dot on a piece of paper. Stare at the dot intensely and concentrate on making the dot as clear as practicable. Continue to target the dot until it comes into focus. As this occurs you'll learn that your vision will begin reducing focus and the dot will get more hazy. When this happens, shut your eyes for a full minute and allow them the chance to rest.

After you have closed your eyes and opened them, look at the dot without concentrating too much on it. Allow your eyes to wander round the page while blinking occasionally. Now close your eyes again and visualize the dot in your mind. Your eyes should feel more relaxed.

The Word Exercise

This exercise is similar to the previous. Open your book and find a fair sized word. Hold your eyes still and stare at the word so you are able to see all the letters. Place your total attention on that one word. See if you can keep the image in your mind.

It is important to notice that concentrating and staring at the word too hard may cause it to become a little blurred. Then permit your eyes to move over the word to see every letter. Gently blink both eyes, do not force it. This time when you look at the word, it should be more clear.

There are ways to improve vision other than glasses.

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