March 29, 2012

What are the Various Choices in Non-Surgical Wrinkles Removal?

By Dr. Angelo Tsirbas

Several people like to have their wrinkles removed but too cowed to go under the knife. You can't blame them though because there have been hundreds of reported cases of unsuccessful cosmetic procedures which had give patients more damage than good. So if you are one of them, you have the possibility to have your wrinkles removed or reduced through one of these non-surgical procedures.

Botox Treatment

In this procedure the wrinkles appear softer by injecting a botox that is particularly generated for wrinkles. This is a fast procedure that's usually finished in 15 minutes and noticeable results can be seen right after the procedure. Final results are normally seen on the 10th day and could last for four months or more. A follow-up regimen is usually suggested every four to six months to maintain your skin look soft and young-looking.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal filler like Juvederm(R) is injected on the affected area using fine needles to fill and fatten up the wrinkled skin causing it to tighten and smooth out. Noticeable results like the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, crow's feet, and lip lines are typically observed instantly after the procedure. Since the procedure would simply take 30 minutes, some patients have it done during office breaks. But, oil based makeup should be prevented for the period the first two days because injection areas are still open in these period. The results of dermal fillers lasts around six months, so patients are normally advised to have one more treatment after six or twelve months in order to maintain a young-looking skin.

Chemical Peels

In deep chemical face peel, a chemical called TCA (Trichloroaceic acid 35%) is applied to the skin for it to peel off, revealing a younger, less wrinkled, and smoother skin. The procedure should be done by a well trained doctor because TCA could excessively damage the skin when improperly applied. The procedure lasts for about 40 minutes and followed by a five to seven days of bleaching.

Before the procedure, your doctor will completely evaluate the condition of your skin and tells you about its risks and benefits as well as its probable complications like too much redness and peeling, infection, change in skin pigmentation, and blemishing. Because of these complications, your doctor may offer you with other selections like anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, or laser treatments.

Laser treatments

Laser treatments like the the Cutera(R) XEO(R) system is a non-surgical procedure that helps tighten and revitalize the skin. Moreover, this system helps clear the skin from previous sun damage or the IPL therapy. It also simulates collage causing tightening of the pores and reducing of fine lines, and removes spider veins.

Furthermore, this is an outpatient procedure that typically lasts for 30 minutes depending on the area's condition. In addition, it is generally considered as the safest among all the non-surgical procedures in wrinkle reduction. Actually, there is no anesthesia or any creams required for this procedure.

If you want to have your wrinkles removed non-surgically, it is vital that you inquire about the services of a licensed and well experienced doctor. This is to make sure the safety as well as the accomplishment of the procedure.

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