December 12, 2011

Healthy Eating and Foods to Avoid to Lose Weight Easily

By Gordon Steven

Are you overweight and totally fed up with it. Have you tried lots of dieting solutions from the Cambridge Diet, to eating low calorie meals, thru to weightwatchers, and yet you are still fat and nearly resigned to a life of being large.

That is pretty stupid really. Being fat can and will cut years off your life. You will be more likely to suffer with diabetes, elevated blood pressure, and die of a cardiac arrest. That really isn't any way to live.

The most pressing issue is that there is no instant solution to weight loss. If there were, then we would all be slim and there would be no fat folks. Diets generally fail the second you stop them and return to your ordinary consumption. What difference would it make if you knew what types of food not to eat. Most peoplewill say that it can't truly be that easy .

Please just take a minute or two to read through this page and you'll see it makes complete sense. You see back in the nineteen 50's after the Second World War there were no fat folk. Indeed a picture I looked at recently of a group of young friends in their swimming costumes taken in 1954 all of them looked like they were starving. I have to tell you they used to be a group of my mates and we all ate well at home.

So what's the difference between then and now. For a start there were not any packaged foods, so let us make a decision to give them up. The difficulty is that packaged foods are cheap, they are easy to cook, and they can be prepared in a rush. In addition they are heavily advertised on TV made to look tasty but their ingredients are frankly damaging to your health.

Take the ingredient known as trans fat, which lowers the level of good cholesterol, raises bad cholesterol and makes your chances of having a cardiac arrest much bigger. All convenience foods contain it, so stay away.

The increase of obesity can at least partly be laid at the door of the corn syrup containing a raised level of fructose employed in the creation of packaged foods. You and I both know that obesity leads to early death. If you do not listen to me ask if you know anyone that is very old and extraordinarily overweight.

The chemicals used in processed foods are candidly scary. I am sure they're like the chemicals you see on a tin of fly spray. Why do we need them anyway, and of course the reason is to slow down deterioration and increase the product life of processed foods. As well as this they make the food smell better, if you can believe that.

Sugar must be excluded from the house. We all eat tons of the stuff every year, as it is in almost everything. Next time you open a tin, or check a package of processed food look at the label. If the first thing you read says Energy, that implies sugar. That is the reason why it is so easy to eat so much sugar without realising it.

So what harm does sugar do, apart from rotting your teeth. Well for one thing loads of it gets laid down as blubber, so you want to cut it out if you want to shed some weight. Sugar increases your chances of developing diabetes, having a cardiac arrest, and it sometimes makes you look run down.

It's no good using artificial sweeteners, apart from anything else they don't encourage you to lose your sweet tooth. Much more important they are all made in a laboratory out of chemicals. So lose all your diet drinks and other lowcal products. You need to understand that the chemicals they contain make a contribution to a mass of prolonged sicknesses and nerve based issues like depression, panic attacks, memory disfunction, anxiety. They also boost your appetite so you would like to eat more.

It is a endless circle, but you need to set a goal to dump all these products from your life. You have a family who are your responsibility so you owe it to them. They're small but significant steps which may on their own make a contribution to serious weight loss and a more healthy lifestyle, without really going on a diet.

You can be shown efficiently some ways to create healthy meals, and plan ahead for a healthy low weight future.

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