December 09, 2011

An In-depth Review of Diesel and Gas Trucks

By Sandy Fe

If you plan to use your truck like a car, desiring quick, quiet acceleration and rarely ever haul a heavy load and don't plan to it for a long time, you may want a gasoline engine. Gas engines run smoother, fuel is easier to find, and gas engines start easier in cold weather.

On the other hand, drivers who want trucks that can effectively tow and run for long distances should opt for diesel trucks. These trucks can save more money on fuel although buying them may require bigger investments.

Below, you'll find the leading vehicle manufacturers and what they offer you.

Dodge - Perhaps the best models are the 3500 and 2500 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty trucks. In 2002, this model was not sufficient in terms of power requirements with 245 HP 9.5 L. Fortunately, Dodge came back with more powerful engines afterward.

The 5.7L gasoline V-8 was the one considered to be the most powerful engine. Furthermore, it has also resurrected the popular Hemi.

Ford - Ford helped push the 3/4 ton and 1 ton truck market to where it is today when it introduced its international engineered power stroke diesel back in 1994. Before 1994, these diesels were poorly built and no match for the big inch gasoline engines.

From 1994 to 2002, over 70% of super duty Fords were sold with the optional 7.3L V-8 diesel engine. This engine helped to put Ford among the leaders in diesel trucks, as they had more than they needed to dominate the market.

Chevrolet/GMC - The GM 2500/3500 twins Silverado HD and Sierra HD both come standard with GM's 6.0L gas engine V-8. This engine is ideal for 3/4 ton trucks where towing isn't a concern. The upgrades start with the 8.1L gas V-8 that's based on Chevrolet's venerable big block engine.

Diesel trucks have undeniably outmatched gas trucks for many years since they proved to be more effective with traveling for great distances, maintenance and even on towing. Also, diesel trucks don't have spark plugs indicating that getting tuned up is not always needed unlike those on the gas trucks.

For those who like to haul heavy loads on a frequent basis, diesel is the way to go. You can get quite a few miles per gallon, and diesel trucks are built to go 250,000 miles or more before the engine needs to be rebuilt, making them a purchase that is more than worth your money.

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