December 31, 2011

Info About Using A Fitness And Nutrition Plan To Gain Muscle

By Sally Gumbnall

There are many different kinds of fitness and nutrition plans one can create. It largely depends on the types of goals you have for dieting and working out. If you are trying to put on a lot of muscle mass, you will have a much different plan than someone trying to lose weight. Set goals for what you want your end results to be, and work at creating a plan to achieve those goals.

If you want to gain mass, you're going to have to start eating a lot of calories. A great way to do this is to increase your protein intake. Try increasing the amount of lean meats that you eat, as well as integrating some naturally healthy foods containing fat, such as almonds, pecans, and avocados.

Be sure that you lift enough weights. Without the proper amount of weight training you're not going to develop any muscles. Begin by lifting weights three or four times per week while taking days off for your muscles to rest. Your body will heal and develop on your days off, so be sure that you rest enough and get the adequate amount of sleep.

Try to increase the amount you lift over time. Don't move on to heavier weights right away. You need to train your muscles to build slowly and efficiently.

For example, if you're using twenty pound weights right away, keep using those until you can use twenty fives. Don't move up to forty or fifty pound weights because you will be prone to injuries. You'll do much better pacing yourself.

Remember to try and eat as healthy as you can and stick to a good fitness and nutrition plan. Increase your intake of healthy proteins and fat sources and work out at the gym regularly. With enough patience and persistence, you'll be getting ripped in no time. Good luck!

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