December 07, 2011

What Are Anger Management Techniques?

By Owen Jones

Dealing with anger is never easy, since people always have to face problems and reasons for conflict but our anger management technique is crucial. We have to deal with price increases, arguments, war, violence, crime, everyday common stupidity and continuous interruptions. There is not one person in this sometimes difficult world that has not gotten mad at some point.

Anger is a feeling that we all have to deal with. But anger comes in many forms: the root of anger is hatred, anxiety or frustration as a result of previous deception or disappointment. It is a result of anger management technique. This is true. However, true or not, even in the Bible it says that when the first man and woman were created on Earth, the first incident was when Satan, in the form of a serpent, lied, deceiving Eve. Once that lie became known, the world started experiencing many more problems, including violence, murder, war, shortages, disease, weather disasters and et cetera.

Ever since that first lie, the world has become more and more chaotic and continues to worsen as the years go by. We can examine how a lie can provoke anger by looking at an individual case. A person engaged in criminal activities, such as stealing, writing bad checks, and selling prescription medications. Now this person felt she had to use deception, since she felt that her behaviour and actions were her only means of survival.

So, she started lying to cover up her crimes. As time went by, she became angry and could not deal with life, simply as a result of the way she was behaving, her way of thinking, the way she was conducting her life and her poor anger management technique. She began to react like anyone else suffering from uncontrolled anger would behave.

This included, demeaning others, insulting others, verbally and physically assaulting, threatening, belittling and mocking others. The woman was diagnosed with mental disorders, Post traumatic Stress Disorder and Bipolar. She also had health problems, including diabetes. Now, if we examine all the aspects of that person's frustration and anger management technique, we see, if we search deep enough that her lying, which had caused the paranoia, was the root cause of all her behavioral problems.

Many people have a problem with anger management technique. Many of the people with post traumatic stress disorder act angrily reacting to a flashback in memory. This is right! Persons with post traumatic stress disorder often suppress their emotions. When they are violent or angered it is often because they are fighting the source that caused their trauma and not the person in their present vicinity.

But, we do not see this as the reason for the woman's fury, since she did not make the problem public knowledge. Therefore, people would exclude post traumatic stress disorder as the cause, or at least lessen the possibility of it. So, now let's examine diabetes, since this illness affects the nerves. The shortage of insulin creates other problems too, but many people with diabetes will become upset for little or no reason at all.

However, most people do not act angrily, assault, insult or attack others . If we examine the reason crimes are committed, we see that very often, serious behavioural problems come from lying. Therefore, when we look at this woman's case again, we can see that we have to deal with the underlying problems ie to stop her from lying and get her to move forward, avoiding bouts of frustration, anxiety and anger by employing an anger management technique.

However, this person is in denial, which means that until the legal system forces her to study anger management technique, she probably will not get help herself. In addition, even if the criminal justice system does insist she gets help, it probably won't work, because her denial has existed for undoubtedly many years. So, now we are dealing with a real problem in anger management technique , since her behaviour is life long, which means extensive therapy isrequired.

Anger is a normal emotion, but when it interferes with another person's life, it becomes a serious problem. This person is not hurting only one person, she is hurting everyone, since when she steals or writes bad cheques, society pays through tax increases, as well as other increases. One of the worst problems that I have noticed with this type of person, is that the system and society allows it to continue; only addressing it when the person is in custody. Once the person is released, then it starts again. This is a chain of events involving lack of control due to anger mis-management and bad anger management technique.

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