January 16, 2012

Cellulite And Women - Are Cellulite Reducing Cremes Worth Getting?

By Sean T Saunders

The skin problem known as cellulite affects approximately 90 percent of all post pubescent females around the globe. In case you are one of these people, then you probably are well aware of the fact that an enormous industry has developed to offer therapies and treatments for cellulite sufferers. A preferred form of treatment nowadays for cellulite are topically applied anti cellulite gels, creams and lotions. These topical remedies can help to temporarily make your cellulite appear less severe by minimizing the dimpled and bumpy orange peel effect of the skin problem. These topical anti-cellulite products are not a cure for cellulite.

There are three main kinds of materials used in anti cellulite skin treatment products. They are creams, skin lotions and gels. The same types of ingredients are used in all of them but individuals have personal preferences as to which one works and feels best. Most women prefer gels as they are not greasy and massage into the skin without difficulty. Anti cellulite gel just isn't a magic bullet to make the cellulite problem disappear but it can temporarily make cellulite appear less severe so that you can wear swimsuits and shorts much more confidently. The gel's effects are transient.

The anti cellulite gels that are on the market work in many different ways. Some of them use components that when absorbed into the subcutaneous layers of your skin act to break down any accumulated fats, allowing them to be eliminated by the body. Other types of gels have ingredients such as the natural skin protein collagen, so as to help fill in and smooth out the cottage cheese look which is characteristic of cellulite. Any cream that you purchase should include substances that are capable of improving blood flow, reducing inflammations and act as antioxidants for example Retinol, aminophylline and caffeine.

When a caffeine based skin cream or gel is applied topically it can increase the circulation of blood in the skin and this helps in eliminating unwanted toxic impurities that induce cellulite to form and even help to metabolize the surplus fats. Alpha hydroxy acids like lactic acid and glycolic acid can improve cellulite appearance by working as an exfoliating agent and removing detritus and dead skin cells from cellulite prone areas. Some forms of herbal acids derived from plants such as citric, tartaric and phytic acids may also be of help in improving both the tone and the texture of the skin layers and consequently lessening the cottage cheese look of cellulite.

Retinol and other retinoids are derivatives of the powerful skin protector vitamin A. Retinol is utilized to increase the skin's thickness and to aid in enhancing blood flow under the skin. Derivatives of vitamin A could leave the skin sensitive to damage from the sun, so gels containing them are better used at night. Aminophylline is used in anti cellulite gels so as to help burn off the excess fats that are one of the major causes of the cellulite skin problem. This substance also helps to reduce the orange peel effect of cellulite. Anti cellulite gels containing these ingredients might help reduce cellulite problems.

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