January 13, 2012

I'd Like to be a Dentist

By Laura Hawn

You have always had an interest in teeth. Or maybe you have always been interested in health in general, or in helping people. Regardless of what your reasons, you've come to the decision that you want to be a dentist.

That is a great career path to choose. Dentists are always in demand, and that isn't going to change so long as the human race has teeth. People chip, crack, and break their teeth frequently, whether while playing sports or due to some other sort of accident. People need their teeth straightened, whitened, replaced, cavities filled, and so on. Occasionally folks will just need check-ups to make sure that their teeth and mouth are healthy.

Having an unhealthy mouth leads to more significant issues, and that is a different reason why the career path of a dentist is a great one to pick; you get to help people. If you want to be a Salt Lake City dentist, or a dentist anywhere else, you'll have to have a lot of schooling. No dentist office will hire an uneducated dentist to do work on their patients.

So, now that you have decided to become a dentist Salt Lake City, you would like to know how long it will take. In the United States, in order to even qualify to go for the dentist degree, you have got to first get your Bachelor's degree in a related field like mathematics, biology, chemistry, or physics.

After you've that degree, you've got to write a Dental Admission Test (DAT), which will show dental colleges whether you are qualified for the dental programs. Dependent on the program you select, (you can select Doctor of Medical Dentistry or Doctor of Surgical Dentistry program and different subprofessions) dental school takes another three to four years to complete. This means that, all in all, it could take you between seven and eight years to become a dentist. Make sure you're prepared for that long of a commitment!


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