January 05, 2012

Learn to stop the headaches by curing bruxism

By Tyson Schmitt

Most people suffering from grinding teeth at night have no idea they are doing it until someone tells them they are. As a matter of fact your spouse that sleeps beside you will have a lot of sleepless nights due to your teeth grinding through out the night. The thing is, if the teeth grinding becomes too frequent, the victim can suffer more serious side effects, one of which is teeth grinding headaches

As the teeth grinding gets worse and worse the grinding headaches will get exponentially worse as well. Teeth grinding headaches can happen due to a number of effects bruxism has on the victim. The problem is that teeth grinding is a completely subconscious act so curing these headaches is not easy.

Grinding teeth in sleep happens when your jaw is clenched and you move it back and forth. When you clench your jaw, you can observe that your jaw muscles flex, just like flexing any other muscle in the body. As you grind your teeth your jaw muscles will have a tendency to become sore and worn out. Your headaches from grinding teeth can be caused but having your jaw muscles becoming sore and worn out, causing them to ache badly.

When you clench your jaw it is not only the jaw muscles that do the work but there are some facial muscles that get tense as well. If you put your fingers on your temporal lobes and clench your jaw you will feel your temporal muscles tighten as well. Try to think what a full night of jaw clenching will do to your temporal muscles. Pain on your temporal lobes will definitely contribute to the teeth grinding headaches that victims usually experience. Any sleepless nights you have could also cause your headache. The more often you have a sleepless night due to bruxism the more often you will find your self with a headache.

How to stop teeth grinding is the next question you need to answer to solve your headache problems.

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