February 23, 2012

All The Information On The Disease And Generating Alzheimer Awareness

By Chloe Gib

Alzheimer is a form of dementia that is characterized by impairment of brain functions especially those involving the memory aspect. It can be diagnosed through a history and a physical exam by a qualified doctor. The article will strive to inform the ignorant on the condition as well as raise Alzheimer awareness.

There are several factors that would cause the development of this condition. Age and family history are the most consistent risk factors in most cases. It is proven that as one gets older the risk of developing this condition rises significantly. However, it should be noted that this disease is not a part of the normal aging process.

This is a progressive disease and the symptoms are bound to get worse over time. In the beginning the memory loss is mild but as it gets more severe it becomes increasingly difficult for the patient to carry on conversations and to respond to the environment. The lifespan once the disease is noticeable ranges from five to twenty years depending on various factors such as age and the health condition of the patient.

Early onset of the condition is when individuals start displaying symptoms before the age of sixty. The early onset is not very common but it is known to progress very rapidly and the situation gets worse in a lesser period of time. Family history is the major risk factor of early onset.

The main cause of the condition is the killing of nerve cells in the brain due to the development of abnormal structures known as plaques and tangles. Though these structures are common while a person is aging one has to have a significant number of them for the condition to occur. As a result they impede communication and processes that the cells need to survive.

By this stage one will need to be under observed care around the clock since one possesses poor judgment and lacks the ability to recognize dangerous situations. Also expect hallucinations, arguments and violent behavior. Delusions, depression and agitation as well as withdrawal from the social contact should be expected too.

One can only be certain that an individual is suffering from this condition upon their death and a postmortem is performed. The brain tissues will have to be examined for various signs. This includes clusters of dead nerve cells, proteins and other brain cells. The destroyed nerve cells are the cause of the condition.

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