February 29, 2012

Coping with Depression - Some Simple Help

By Orson Sean

Depression is terrible. There are tons of medications for it like citalopram, but what are your other options? Let's discuss this a bit and find ways to deal with depression.

1. Therapy

This is something that many people take advantage of. Psychologists and psychiatrists have studied and are licensed to help somebody going through depression. They might recommend that you take a certain drug, but sometimes simply talking to them through your problems and life can have great rewards.

2. Taking up a hobby such as photography

By altering your reality in your camera it's definitely helpful. Learn photography a bit in a class near you and really give it a shot. Everybody ends up liking photography at one point or another, so it's something that may just be what you need to begin feeling better again. Not only will it take your mind off of things that cause negative emotions, but it will actually help you to see the world in a different way.

3. Sports, exercise

Sports and exercise help your body to feel good. Endorphins and other chemicals are higher when you are working out or exercising (remember the phrase: runner's high?) This is true not only for running but for all kinds of physical activity.

4. Hang out with friends - laugh!

By hanging around friends or watching a TV show that you really like, laughing is the ultimate goal. You will feel so much better while and after laughter that life may just not seem so serious to you anymore. This is a great thing. Try and relax, take a break from reality, and have some fun. Comedy serves as a great escape and can help to put things into perspective.

5. Prescriptions

Different drugs and medications are great for combating depression. Prescribed drugs like citalopram work very well and can make the difference between feeling good and feeling depressed. Definitely give this a shot and see if your medical professional can prescribe something they feel comfortable giving you.

Your doctor knows best. If you don't like what they are recommending, get a second opinion - but never do anything on your own!

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