February 06, 2012

Marathon Training and 3 Golden Rules For Success

By Debasmita Roy

If you want to get a Successful training for marathon requires careful homework and target setting irrespective of your skill or how old you are or how strong you are. We all live very busy lives, and deal with the stress of modern life: work, responsibilities, traffic, stress, pressure and so on. Sometimes people are so busy with their daily chores that they even forget to take some time for themselves! Running can help you fight back that accumulated stress while getting you some extra time. Not only do you relax and listen to music or interesting podcasts, you also give to your personal health and well-being.

For me it works in a different way. No matter how tired I am at the end of the day, the feeling of well-being that I get after finishing my 5K running session is just awesome! When I get home, I just channel that energy and motivation into finishing my working chores, be it house or work related. It has become a great habit!

There are as many reasons to run a marathon as there are marathoners. But running from start to finish, to survive to the end is at the core of every marathon experience. Preparing for a marathon is no easy thing to do and should never be taken lightly. Make a marathon training plan and follow it by heart.

However, if you have that kind of determination, strong aspiration and zeal to run a marathon or to develop on your performance as a marathoner then there are some basic tips and tricks, indeed all runners, could use in order to become a better, faster, safer marathoner. You just make a simple marathon plan in your daily life without taking any extra headache .So here are the 3 basic tips for becoming a better Marathon Runner even if you never ran a day in your life before.

Tip #1: Middle - Long Runs: Your marathon performance will benefit extremely of a second long run, shorter than the longest run. Your body needs to build up that experience to longer runs. So try to fit in as many runs over 90 minutes as you can handle and can fit in. Training runs over 90 minutes will help your body change its fuel burning processes.

Tip #2: Drink plenty of fluids : You need to keep your body hydrated when you run. But you cannot just drink during your run in order to keep your body properly hydrated. This is something you have to do every waking moment. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day, every day. Even on the days you do not run.

Tip #3: Mileage Ahead Of Speed : As we all know marathon training means lots of running, lot of practice. But before you get fast, you need to be able to build that all important basic factors. So do not even attempt speeds work on your own unless you are well experienced. As a new runner you are much better off focusing on easy running. That should be the core of your training. You first target for covering the distance. Only then you are ready for speed. So, be sure to get the better mileage in before you do anything else.

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