March 25, 2012

Contour HD Navigational Camera

By Sandi Ednilao

Recording outdoor actions and sports activities like biking and skiing has always posed challenging, especially to the amateur video enthusiast. The actual Contour hd camera is rugged and light-weight, perfect for capturing these actions in harsh environments, especially hands free helmet or goggle mount applications.

The Contour camera is capable of capturing video from either 720p and 60 fps, or the complete HD resolution of 1080p at 30 frames per second. With its concentrate on recording outside sports, it's perfect for capturing fast moving action without the visual artifacts many other cameras will produce such conditions.

The actual 135 degree wide angle lens approximates the plethora of human vision, making it perfect for shooting video from the first person perspective. It will also automatically adjust itself to accommodate changes in lighting problems without actually having to quit the recording.

The addition of a Gps navigation receiver to the Contour camera is a unique feature not often seen in cameras in its budget range. It is able to recording not just location, but speed as well as elevation as well. This allows you to see on a map where precisely you were whenever recording a particular event, an element that will be useful to outdoor enthusiasts regardless of the sort, whether they tend to be mountain motorcyclists, skiers, canoeists, as well as hikers.

With a helmet or goggle mounted camera, it can regularly be quite difficult to make certain that the camera is actually adjusted to the proper position before beginning documenting. The Contour HD camera allows the Bluetooth connection to smartphones running either iOS or even Android. What the camera sees will appear in your smartphone's screen, allowing the consumer to make the necessary adjustments before they begin to record.

With a concentrate on outdoor activities, it is inevitable that ultimately any camera is going to get dirty. The actual Contour digital camera is specially designed to withstand grime, dust and dirt as well as water. Its durable aluminum physique will avoid all of these, as well as protect it if the camera is actually shaken, dropped or rattled. An aftermarket situation is also accessible that will keep the camera dry up to sixty feet below water.

Out of the box, the camera consists of an SD card, battery, as well as USB cable. Also included tend to be two brackets. One is intended for flat areas while the additional is a goggle mount, intended for first person viewpoint recording of sports. Activity specific brackets such as handlebar, gun sight, and roll club mounts are also available to tailor the camera for your specific requirements.

Whether a person mountain bike, canoe, ski or even all of the above, if you want to record these activities, the actual Contour HD camera may record them accurately as well as hands free.

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