March 09, 2012

Do You Have Eating Problems

By Mintu Singh

Eating problems are typical amongst teenagers nowadays. Every year a number of teens tend to be developing eating problems and that's bad. I'm not really referring to somebody going on a diet since they think they're obese. A few teenagers go extreme conditions in managing their eating and with time it grows more limited and begins to damage their body as well as life. These people have got real issues with anorexia and bulimia.

Anorexia - Teens that develop anorexia fear that they have gained a lot of weight and try to restrict eating by going on a diet, fasting most of the time. They eat very less and make it a daily habit, an obsession of doing so. They cannot maintain normal weight and have no control over themselves.

Some of those who've got anorexia eat a great deal and after that purposefully force themselves in order to purge so that they can decrease calorie consumption from their stomach. Some even work out too much hoping to lose a lot of weight.

Bulimia - Similar to what I mentioned above, people who suffer from bulimia eat excessively and then try to forcefully vomit to remove the food from their body or some do excessively exercising. They believe this helps them to lose weight which is a flawed logic. It is always better to eat less than normal if you have so much concern of weight than eating a lot and throwing up.

People suffering from bulimia purge regularly, minimum twice a week for several months and some even get so used to it that they continue doing it for a longer period of time thus harming them physically and mentally. Some teens even excessively eat without any control and then going crazy with over eating, they force themselves to vomit.

I advise you to visit a doctor if you feel you are affected by these problems than to take things into your own hand. You don't want to act smart and make mistakes, sometimes it is just better to act wise and see a physician.

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