March 02, 2012

The highest pay and lowest pay of x-ray technician

By Isreal Collom

X-ray technicians are physicists who take x-ray shots of human body and assist doctors diagnose the patients' healthcare problems. They aid patient by explaining them the x-ray procedure at the same time keeping them calm to take best shot of the body. They do their job under the supervision of doctors to take the x-ray shots safely to avoid the risk of cumulative radiation.

X-ray technician's job is a demanding job with a stable salary. X-ray technology is important part of any healthcare organization so that the x-ray technician is highly demanded. In this time of recession x-ray technician's job is a pretty stable and highly paying job in the area of medicine.

X-ray technicians make a minimum of $25.10 per hour which is above the national minimum salary. The x-ray technicians earn around an average of $52,210 annually. Nevertheless, there are some x-ray technicians who earn below the typical yearly radiology technician salary.

As per the BLS data, the lowest earning 10% of x-ray technicians receive an estimated yearly income of just $35,100. The higher 10% of x-ray technicians receive the highest technician salary at $74,970 per year.

Most of the technicians work in the general medical and surgical hospitals and according to the government there are 127,820 individuals earning $54,770 annual x-ray technician income in a hospital work setting as of may, 2009. There are 44,000 x-ray technicians working in physicians ' offices earning $50,860 a year. The medical and diagnosis laboratories have the third highest number of x-ray technician with 19,860 people. They receive $57,250 mean yearly x-ray technician income.

It is possible to make far more if you are working for the right type of organisation. For example the highest paid x-ray technicians work in scientific and research services. They earn around $64,800 average salary annually. Nonetheless, as per the government data, just 180 x-ray technicians are employed in such work setting as of May, 2009.

The facility like management, systematic and technical consulting services have the least number of x-ray technicians working. It is believed that total of only 8 x-ray technicians work under these settings and have the second highest x-ray technicians salary of $61,970 annually. The 3rd highest x-ray technicians salary belongs to those working employment services, earning $59,620 a year.

The info and data above is a proof that an x-ray technician's job is a high paying job. Even the x-ray technicians with lowest salary have salary averaging more than most others.

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