March 22, 2012

Knowing Different Points Of Sensa Warnings

By Anibal Audet

Obesity is such a big issue these days that people are ready to try anything and everything that come their way. Many over the counter products have come up in the markets capturing the attention of prospective clients. But most of them vanish from the scene once the drawbacks are clear. Sensa weight loss program has been on the headlines recently as an effective way for getting rid of the excess fat. Still, it is better to pay heed to sensa warnings by nutritional experts before jumping into the fray.

Those who are thinking of buying this weight loss product should know the background history which led to the invention of the product. The credit for developing the sensa crystals go to a neurologist who was dealing with patients with head injuries. He observed that such patients suffering from partial loss of smell and taste had a tendency to gain weight. It was at this point that he came up with a recipe for the sensa crystals which has the capacity to increase the taste and smell of all the foods that are consumed. The result is that you feel fuller easily and that also without making any change in the diet. With sensa crystals, there is no need to work out also, as within six months you learn portion control.

With the tall claims of the manufacturers regarding reduction in weight without any changes in lifestyle, people tend to become more and more uncertain. May be the product is good for initial weight loss. But nutritionists feel that it is not a permanent solution. The reason is that weight loss cannot be sustained without a major change in your lifestyle. Moreover, researches on the long term consequences of sensa are yet to be done. Sensa warnings hold water in this scenario.

The sensa research conducted on the individuals observed them only for a short duration of six months. In order to ascertain changes in weight, it is too short a period of time. Also, it is not clear whether the group maintained the weight loss after finishing the use of the product. The product is expensive and the company sends the product even without waiting for your confirmation claiming that you have to change the tastants every 30 days. The reason they give is that your body gets used to them and hence the change is inevitable.

It is always good to follow a healthy life style than following fad diets and that is what sensa warnings point to. In fact, people should become aware of and take the responsibility of what they eat and why. Then only, it is possible to have lasting weight loss.

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