March 05, 2012

Postpartum Depression Treatment Comforting The Family

By Jenifer Colins

Postpartum depression treatment may be necessary for a woman who has just given birth. Some women do not have any problems when their baby is born, but for others it can start a spiral of depression. A woman who is suffering from low mood and irritability needs help quickly. Some women find it helpful to get counseling. Counseling provides a way for women to talk through her issues in complete privacy and confidentiality.

A new mom might find that counseling is very helpful and allows her the space to explore her feelings. By reflecting back on the issues involved with parenting, in a counseling session, she may find a way forward. Counseling is done in a private setting that is strictly confidential. Counselors work to a strict code of ethics and maintain strong boundaries.

Friends and family can help the new mom by listening to her and being supportive. It's important to recognize the early warning signs of depression and do something about it before it gets too progressed. Some people are not sympathetic and tell the person to get themselves together, but it is not as easy as that.

A woman who has this condition may feel like she hates the baby. This can be very frightening. It may also produce extreme feelings of guilt that such bad thoughts are going through her mind. She might even think about harming the baby - or herself. It's important that intervention happens sooner rather than later.

In some cases, a new mother will require hospitalization until the depression lifts. During a hospital stay, she will be encouraged to explore her feelings and emotions in depth. Counseling will be available on a regular basis and prescription drugs may also be prescribed.

There are various approaches to care for the mother, but the health of the newborn baby must always come first. Sometimes, this requires the baby being taken into social care for a short time while the mother is in counseling. Art therapy is a great approach for alleviating depressive feelings and expressing creativity.

When a person who is on her own without a partner has a baby, she may struggle to cope. It is hard enough for two parents to cope with having a new baby. When a person is on her own, she may find it too stressful. Young adults typically have a harder time coping. Young adults want to be out enjoying their lives but they find themselves tied to a baby.

Postpartum depression treatment provides lots of help and support. A community psychiatric nurse can monitor emotions. Antidepressant medications will lift her mood. Parenting classes can also help someone learn how to be a better parent. Being prepared to learn shows professionals she is willing to get help. This indicates a genuine desire to get better.

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