March 10, 2012

Prevent Air Pollution And Preserve The Planet

By Monica Mae

Preventing air pollution is not just the job of the government or the environmental activists you see marching in protest. In fact, air pollution is something that everyone can contribute to. Poor air quality leads to increased levels of smog.

Breathing problems, including asthma are directly related to the onset of pollution in some areas. There are many other problems caused by air pollution. Therefore, anyone and everyone will benefit from making just a few changes. Big things will happen when individuals make even just small changes in their lives.

There are numerous methods to prevent the development of air pollution. First is minimizing the use of your vehicle. One of the leading causes of air pollution is fossil fuel. Therefore, it would be best not to use your vehicle frequently. Instead, you can go for carpooling. Moreover if your destination is near from your home, you can always do walking. This may only be a minor issue. But if everyone is doing this method, it can surely give a great contribution in saving the environment.

You can also reduce the amount of air pollution you cause with your vehicle by working from home, taking the bus or even better, simply using the web to make your purchases.

Another method would be to do some modifications to your vehicle. Be sure that your modifications are intended to improve air quality. For example, you can have a hybrid vehicle since it uses lesser amounts of gas. You should also drive appropriately like following the road's speed limits and doing the acceleration slowly. Moreover, making sure that your car is still in tip top condition is a great method in lessening the toxins it produces.

Aside from using your vehicle appropriately, the other things in your home should be monitored as well. Not only does your car needs to be maintained but your other appliances as well. When you need to cut the grass, choose a push mower instead of a mower being operated by an engine. When it comes to painting, use a paint brush and not a paint sprayer.

Perhaps you already know the right methods in preventing air pollution but you're just not practicing it. Every time you make a decision, see to it that it's for the betterment of the natural environment. It's best to buy those items which can save our planet instead of opting for those expensive ones. These actions may be small. But as mentioned above, it can create a world of difference if all people are practicing these habits.

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