March 23, 2012

Security Which Takes No Vacations, Even If You Do

By William B Blosien

My hubby and I are both retired teachers at Duke University. Now that we find ourselves with a lot of leisure time, our out-of-town travels have become a lot more frequent.

Leaving our town home has never caused us any kind of worries, all thanks to our home safety and security system. My husband and I enjoy the sense of security that we get from this system's 24-hour monitoring service, kept under the watchful eyes of a dependable security service company.

The security that we have also offers an add-on made to detect dangers like fire and too much heat, flood conditions, and poisonous carbon monoxide. This add-on enables the system to send an alarm alert towards a central monitoring station for immediate response.

However, I believe that we had never definitely appreciated the value of our home security system until a week ago. We spent 3 days with our daughter who resided in Buffalo with her husband and children when burglars attempted to get into our household.

Thanks to the setup's wireless ability, my other half received a message via his mobile phone telling him of the incident. He called up the security company and got in touch quickly with an agent that assured him that everything was going to be fine.

The equipment's infrared interior motion detector, able to detect movement approximately 75 feet away, had managed to detect 2 men who were trying to enter into our home. Then, the loud, high-decibel siren sounded off, scaring the intruders away before they could do us any harm.

The alarm also sent messages to my hubby and to the central station, informing them of the emergency. The in charge agent at the central station dispatched personnel to our household immediately to look at for any loss or damage.

Over the telephone, the agent confirmed to my hubby that our home encountered no damages and that it was fully secure. When we got home from our visit, we saw that what he said was accurate, and we have never been happier with our home safety and security system.

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