March 17, 2012

Seven Easy Strategies to Care for Your Nails Right After Biting

By Ella B Spada

There are many strategies to enhance the wellness of nails you have been biting, and these include quitting biting your nails, not immersing nails in water, drying hands instantly after wetting them, applying e vitamin, using an oil and lemon combination nail therapy, taking in essential nutrients, and using a nail hardener.

Individuals who bite their own fingernails often do it every time they are feeling anxious or nervous. Meanwhile, there are also individuals who just made a habit out of biting their fingernails. Whatever the reason is, the outcome is simply unpleasant fingernails.

Quit biting the nails

The very first thing you need to do to take care of your nails is quit biting them. In case you bite your own nails because of anxiety, try drinking a calming cup of green tea instead. You may even take a few deep breaths, stretch your arms or legs, or walk around so that you can get your nerves to relax. In case biting is a pattern, think about strategies to discourage it, including pinching yourself each time you attempt to bite your own nails or applying a nail shine with a sour taste. Ask your family and friends to support you in your desire of finally giving up biting your finger nails.

Do not soak nails in water

Whenever you can, do not soak your own finger nails in water. This is because regular and extended exposure of nails to water would cause them to soften and quickly crack. For tasks that involve water, including performing the laundry and cleaning the dishes, always wear gloves to protect your own fingernails.

Dry hands right after wetting them

Every time your hands get wet, like when you have a shower, swim, perform household jobs, or clean the bathroom, you must instantly dry both hands and finger nails completely for approximately two minutes.

Use e vitamin

E Vitamin is essential to attractive and lustrous nails. Apply it directly to your fingernails each night before you go to sleep. Simply break open a gel capsule, put the contents on your own hands and distribute the mixture to your fingernails as well as the skin around them.

Apply an oil and also lemon combination nail therapy

Buy Argan oil and pour a tablespoon of it into a bowl, combining it with the same quantity of lemon juice. The oil will deeply hydrate your nails with its e vitamin content and important fatty acids, and the lemon juice will make your fingernails absorb the advantages of the oil even more.

Consuem essential nutrients

The wellness of your finger nails normally relies on your general health and the kinds of foods and nutrients that you supply to the body. To get your own fingernails to be healthy, robust, and lovely, you need to have a diet loaded with calcium; protein; nutritional vitamins A, C, and E; and a dietary supplement of the B-complex vitamins, iodine, zinc, and iron. You can obtain a lot of these nutrients from milk, eggs, nuts, and vitamin-fortified bread; nonetheless, consuming various foods will generally offer your own body with all the nutritional requirements you require. Meanwhile, the nutritional vitamins can be obtained from most pharmacies and also wellness stores.

Apply a nail hardener

Purchase a bottle of nail hardener that has organic contents like almond components, vitamin supplements, Shea butter, natural aloe-vera, and also green tea extract. Then, regularly use this to your fingernails to give them with more strength.

Have a nail journal and write down the items you did for your nails daily. This will provide you with a clear view of your progress towards stopping your nail-biting habit and also encourage you in your goal of beautiful and healthy nails.

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