June 01, 2012

Health Benefits of Cucumber Juice

Cucumbers Juice Regulates Ph Of one's Blood

Human blood Ph has to be maintained within a narrow range to be regarded as healthy. The optimum Ph level of blood is between 7.35 and 7.45. This tends to make our blood just slightly alkaline. If the blood goes below 7.35 is becomes to acidic, which can cause troubles. Cucumbers juice contains minerals that improve alkalinity or cut down acid levels in the blood, and consequently the body. So cucumber juice is a superb blood balancer, specially for individuals with acid-related troubles. Cucumber juice also helps regulate normal blood pressure.

Connective Tissues

The bones in our entire body are connected to muscle by something named connective tissues. Individuals with arthritis, for instance, are suffering from a deterioration of their connective tissue. Cucumber juice is actually a natural source of silica, which is an integral element in creating and maintaining healthy connective tissue.

Cool Off, Ever From A Fever

Everyone knows that drinking something cool when you are hot is a technique to cool off. Chilled cucumber juice is fantastic for this, but not only because the temperature of the drink is cool. Enzymes discovered in cucumber juice help stabilize the electrolytes inside the body, which help control a natural temperature for the body in hot climate. Note that this also makes cucumber juice a superb option for treating a fever.

Elimination and Cleansing

Health benefits of cucumber juice are also the outcome of its mild, all-natural diuretic effect - that is, it's going to make you have to go the restroom somewhat more often, as does coffee and also other caffeinated drinks. But cucumber juice isn't as potent a diuretic as coffee and colas, and not harshly acidic like those drinks. It's a gentle diuretic, which makes you go more, and helps you get rid of toxic substances from your body.

Hair Growth

Are you prepared for this one? Cucumber juice to help grow hair? Well, for anyone who is already bald or balding, drinking cucumber juice won't bring back the flowing locks of your youth. Even so, the precise mineral content of cucumber juice promotes healthy hair growth, and can help you keep what you've, while also making your hair appear extra healthy, thick and lustrous.

Healthy Skin

Folks with skin problems including psoriasis, eczema, or just dry flakey skin can see a tremendous benefit from cucumber juice since it's high in Vitamin C, but also a variety of other antioxidants that our skins needs to retain healthy cell growth along with a normal balance. Note that illnesses like arthritis are frequently linked to psoriasis, and that we have currently seen that cucumber juice helps preserve healthy connective tissue.

Sun Burns

Speaking of skin, applying cucumber juice to a sun burn is a amazing cooler to inflamed skin, and can possess a healing effect on sun burned skin.


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