June 04, 2012

N.O. side effects

There are a whole host of quit smoking unwanted effects and not all of them are nice. Form obvious health advantages, there are also a number of side effects connected with withdrawal from nicotine. Coupled to this, if you quit smoking utilizing a medication such as zyban or chantix, you might grab several other drug related side effects.

The most obvious reason why people stop smoking is for the health advantages but what are they specifically?

Notably, blood pressure, heartbeat and lung performance all improve very quickly after quitting smoking - in a matter of days. Nicotine levels and carbon monoxide levels in the body go back to natural levels with in a few days. These are very positive stop smoking area effects.

Smokers will also produce a much better sense of taste and their breathing may become easier. However, one often reported quit smoking side-effect is the amount of coughing some ex-smokers have problems with. In my own experience, I found the first half a year to be a rather cough filled period of my life. It was all'wet'as the cilia (the little hairs in you lungs) got to work clearing 20 years of tar out of my lungs! I also developed more colds that winter than ever before but that could be for very different reasons.

Statistical research shows flow and lung function increase significantly on the 10 to 15 year period after smokers quit. And quit smoking side effects are typical good in terms of increasing life span with lung cancer risk halved more than 15 years and heart attack risk halved after only one year.

The side effects associated with Zyban (Wellbutrin or bupropion) and Chantix (Champix or Varenicline) can all be somewhat uncomfortable. Personally, I do not favour the use of drugs if at all possible because I think quitting smoking is all in your head - but that's another story!

The worst quit smoking side effect connected with Zyban is the likelihood of seizure when taken as section of a quit smoking regime. The greater the dose the greater the risk and zyban was initially taken from the FDAs approved list following a number of seizures in patients.

Chantix has a few minor negative effects but in as many as 30% of smokers using the drug, the therapy must be abandoned due to vomiting and throwing up. You recognize why I'd advise to avoid them whenever possible!

The other quit smoking unwanted effects apart from the positive health advantages and the negative side effects of the two hottest drug treatments, are to do with nicotine withdrawal itself.

The set of side effects noticed when a person quits smoking is long - some are great like the improved sense of smell and taste, some are unpleasant. There's the increased anxiety that comes from attempting to leave nicotine. People usually have a much shorter temper and are irascible at the slightest thing.

Others include an inability to concentrate or even to rest often compounded by other quit smoking side effects such as postnasal (right back of your mouth) drip, dry mouth, sore throat and headache. An insatiable cough could be a major burden too!

Intestinal discomfort may also be suffered with increased flatulence, constipation, sickness and pains being amongst some of the less pleasant side effects. It is recommended that when you are struggling with increased appetite when you quit smoking, eating more fruit and raw veggies such as carrot or uncooked cauliflower and drinking plenty of fluids can help your digestion.

There are lots of, much more perceived quit smoking side effects and everyone suffers a different selection of the wide variety - including breaking out in places just like a teenager, sweating profusely, fatigue and tingling extremities!

The disadvantage of no side effects quit smoking unwanted effects is that though every one is not so bad alone, the cumulative effect of so many negative unwanted effects act as a trigger to break down your commitment to give up smoking. Regardless of what the inconvenience of the unwanted effects, they're a small price to pay for the benefits of quitting smoking.


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