December 03, 2012

1AVStreamer – The professional audio and video broadcaster and recorder for FREE!

1AVStreamer costs $59.95 but in this promotion you get it for free. Make sure to read the instructions properly. Don’t use fake e-mails to register because if you do then you won’t be able to request keys in the future say after a PC crash, or change of PC. Fake e-mails get removed once a month. Having said that, let’s move to what the program is all about: 1AVStreamer is a professional audio and video broadcaster and recorder. It works with video and audio together or with video or audio separately. The program has a small learning curve and you can start having fun with it right out the box because when 1AVStreamer runs for the first time it detects your hardware and creates profiles ready-to-use like for example: ‘Record PC screen with audio from the microphone’, ‘Record the audio you hear’, ‘Broadcast webcam date and time stamped’, ‘Broadcast audio and create your own Internet radio’, and lots more. pcwinsoft,1AVStreamer,AudioBroadcast 1AVStreamer will create profiles combining all sources of audio and video you have installed on your PC so you won’t have to setup anything to start working with it but of course you will eventually need to change parameters of the recording session or the broadcast session. Not to worry, 1AVStreamer has wizards that can guide you all the way when you want to make alterations on your profiles. The advantage of having 19 profile slots is simple: You never have to reconfigure anything, each slot will contain a complete combination of audio source, video source, and task, so just to exemplify: One minute you can be recording tutorials from your desktop screen, next minute you can be recording your favorite songs from the Internet, next minute you can be broadcasting your webcam. No reconfiguration required. 1AVStreamer can also hide itself and be started with Windows so it can be used to spy on your computer users. It is not its primary function but it is important to say that the program can also serve for this purpose. pcwinsoft,1AVStreamer,ScreenCamera 1AVStreamer supports all codecs and Windows media encoders installed on your PC. It even accepts the latest Windows media encoders that get installed with Microsoft Express encoder. And you can tune up and configure Windows media encoders visually, none of those command-line parameters which are so neardy and counter-productive. With 1AVStreamer all configuration is visual. 1AVStreamer works on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Media Center/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and requires at least a 1.3gHz processor and 256mb of memory. To receive your free copy of 1AVStreamer simply register here:


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